Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet

Information on an incredibly durable carpet that is built to stand up to some of the toughest enemies.

Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet

How does this choice fair with Crushing and Matting?

The Bigelow Stainmaster is designed to withstand the heavy foot traffic that may otherwise crush and matt your carpet.

How well does this carpet handle dirt and soil?

This carpet was designed with soil and dirt resistant technology. As heavy foot traffic crosses your carpet, the Bigelow Stainmaster will prevent the majority of the soil and dirt from going to the bottom of your important flooring investment. As a result, cleanup and maintenance are much easier.

Dirt is one thing, but how does it fair against Staining?

Stains are absolutely one of the biggest concerns about owning a carpet. Your Bigelow Stainmaster battles hard to limit staining as much as possible. Your flooring option will also be much more resistant to natural fading and discoloration that can come from the sun.

How much of an environmental footprint will my floor leave?

Your Bigelow Stainmaster carpet is made with recyclable 6.6 Nylon Fibers. As a homeowner you can feel confident knowing that your flooring option is an environmentally friendly one.

Is there anything else I should know?

Of course this brief article cannot go into detail about every single aspect of Bigelow Stainmaster carpets! Here at Krauseneck Carpet One we would love for you to see the carpet for yourself! Visit us today in Mount Clemens, MI!

Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet - Mount Clemens, MI