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Learn about different types of carpet in order to make the best carpet purchase!

Types of Carpet

Modern homeowners face a plethora of choices when it comes to flooring options. Some people prefer carpeted floors because of their insulating properties, general attractiveness, and simply because of the luxurious way that a clean, well-made and maintained carpet feels on bare feet. Although modern carpeting consists primarily of cut pile varieties, other types exist to meet various individual needs and preferences. Following are the major carpet types in play in 21st century home decor. 

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Cut Pile Carpet 
Cut pile carpeting consists of carpeting where the yarn has been cut on the ends. There are five major types of cut pile carpeting:
  • Velvet, which lives up to its name by being soft to the touch
  • Saxony, which features a tufted appearance and substantial durability
  • Cable, which features loose, thick yarn and is ideal for casual decor
  • Shag, which mats easily due to the long length of its yarn
  • Freize, which has twisted tufts and surface curl that make it mat-resistant 
Loose Pile Carpeting
Homeowners seeking carpeting options for high-traffic areas should give loose pile carpeting some significant thought. There are two types of this style of carpet:
  • Multi-loop, which features various pile heights for a patterned effect
  • Level loop, which has a smooth, even appearance due to the loops all being of the same height
Some homeowners, however, prefer to have the best of both worlds. Combination pile carpeting combines the best features of both previously mentioned carpet flooring styles:
  • Level and cut loop pile, which mixes up loop and cut piles for a unique appearance and texture
  • Random sheer, which features cut and uncut loops of varying heights that produces a luxurious texture and feel 
  • Tip sheer, which is basically the same thing as random sheer but significantly less various in yarn heights, resulting in a smoother overall look 

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