Laminate Flooring

Information on the benefits of laminate flooring.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a newer flooring option that provides the homeowner with versatile options for simulating different flooring materials.  It has several advantages over alternative flooring materials, such as it’s easy to install, the durability, low maintenance, and cost.  Laminate is a synthetic flooring created by fusing different layers of fiberboard materials together with resin adhesive; a process called lamination.  The laminate material can be printed to simulate natural floorings like slate, ceramic tiles, and hardwood planks. 

Laminate flooring can be installed most anywhere.  It is structured to be durable with an invisible surface that protects the decorative layer from scratching or other damage.  The decorative layer is the layer creating its appearance.  Most laminates are designed to simulate hardwood, natural stone, ceramic, bamboo, cork, or brick pavers.  They often have a back layer that is a moisture guard to seal and protect the core material and helps provide stability for installation.

The underlayment laminate must be installed over is usually cork or foam rolls, which helps reduce the hollow noise created when walking on laminate flooring.  It can be installed in any room or hallway, and it’s ideal for rooms with exposure to the sun because it resists fading from UV light.  The top layer of material also makes it resistant to stains and easy to clean with normal sweeping and mopping.  The resin used in the manufacturing process naturally creates a barrier against bacteria or mold growth.  It can be treated with a special allergen resistant and anti-bacterial coating to make it environmentally safer.

Installation is literally a snap, as the pieces of flooring are interlocking to one another.  It is not glued to the underlayment, but rather built over the underlayment.  The interlocking process allows the flooring to expand and contract with changing temperatures and pressure without buckling or snapping.  Installation can take a fraction of the time of other flooring installations.

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