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Light vinyl plank living room with grey couch.

Vinyl Flooring in Mount Clemens, MI 

Luxury vinyl flooring is always a few steps ahead of the latest décor trends. With its ongoing strength and style, vinyl plank and vinyl tile are always a great decision.  


At Krauseneck Carpet One Floor & Home in Mount Clemens, MI, we have an incredible selection spanning all the best vinyl flooring brands, as well as professional flooring installation. Need a floor that’s tough enough to tackle Michigan’s brutal winters? Look no further: luxury vinyl flooring has you covered.


What Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring Are There?


Vinyl flooring is an incredible synthetic option that comes in several different types.


All luxury vinyl floors come with a scratch-proof wear layer that stands its own against everyday damage, along with many layers to add stability.


We offer several vinyl flooring options in our showroom:





Is My Luxury Vinyl Floor Waterproof or Water-Resistant?


All vinyl flooring is made to resist regular moisture, but certain products go even further.


Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring has a watertight core, as well as a thicker topcoat to prevent even the biggest “accidents” from causing major damage.


Although standard-issue vinyl flooring will fare fine with the occasional spilled drink, we recommend a waterproof vinyl product for spaces like:



Even waterproof floors have their limits, however. Make sure major splashes are attended to promptly. In most cases, that means using a clean towel to sop away spills, and a little bit of water to remove any residue.


Where Else Can I Install Vinyl Floors?


Vinyl floors are popular for their ability to go nearly anywhere indoors!


Vinyl flooring is a commercial favorite since it brings high-end looks along with reliable daily function. Since it looks so much like popular hardwood planks or artisan tile, a vinyl plank floor can be a smart choice for a formal boardroom, a meeting room, a dining room, or even your master bedroom.


Do I Need to Have My Vinyl Flooring Professionally Installed?


In most cases, it’s smart to know all your options before you get started.


While luxury vinyl plank and tile are much easier to install than say, carpet or hardwood, it still requires lots of attention to detail. This includes a very thorough cleansing of your space, a level subfloor, and careful measurement-taking.


Many vinyl types are either self-adhesive or lock into place to form what we call a “floating floor.” If you’re handy with household projects, you might be the exception to the rule: however, don’t rule our professional flooring installation just yet!


Read the fine print: many local building codes mandate professional flooring installation. It’s also important to mention that your vinyl flooring warranty might have the same rule. Be safe and be fully covered by chatting with our flooring installation experts first!


Shop Luxury Vinyl Flooring Near You in Mount Clemens, MI


At Krauseneck Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re your local vinyl flooring experts. We’re very proud to be a part of the world’s leading independent flooring cooperative, Carpet One Floor & Home. Because of our co-op membership, we stay close to the community and remain locally owned. We also offer the best flooring brands at amazing value.


When you shop with us, your funds stay right here in your own neighborhood, while enjoying all the hottest luxury vinyl flooring trends and services.


Please visit us soon at 166 South Main Street in Mount Clemens, MI, to browse our vinyl flooring displays, or call us today to schedule your FREE onsite project estimate.

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